The Stunning Plantations of Phu Quoc Pepper

The Stunning Plantations of Phu Quoc Pepper

Piantagioni di Pepe di Phu Quoc,Vietnam

The Stunning Plantations of Phu Quoc Pepper

Vietnam is the main black pepper grains exporter in the world, and the island of Phu Quoc boasts some of the highest quality pepper in the whole country. The Phu Quoc plantations are famous for their production of large solid seeds, with a cultivated area of 400 hectares.


The peculiarity of this pepper is unique, as it is one of the few places in the world where these plants grow on an island. The island it grows is particularly rich in quartz, a mineral necessary for its growth and development. The grain is known for its strong spicy aromas and its result which is a type of pepper grown exclusively with organic fertilizers and then dried in the sun, unlike other regions that use machinery and chemical fertilizers.


The main harvest season is from February to July, but it is possible to visit the farms all year round. These verdant expanses, located mainly in central and northern parts of the island, are a must see destination so you can admire and discover how this popular spice is grown and processed.