The Mekong Delta water lily harvest, a sight of extreme beauty

The Mekong Delta water lily harvest, a sight of extreme beauty

Delta del Mekong,Vietnam

The Mekong Delta water lily harvest, a sight of extreme beauty

The Mekong Delta in southwestern Vietnam hosts the annual long-stemmed lily harvest, a sight of immense beauty, captured by the splendid shots of the Vietnamese photographer Trung Huy Pham in a series of extraordinary images entitled Lilies Harvest. These gorgeous aquatic plants have always been an iconic symbol of the country and flourish during the rice fields floods. This event attracts local farmers in a harvest that somewhat simulates a dance, a harmonious game of soft and sinuous movements, among one of the most romantic ceremonies in the world.

Starting early September to mid-November, the Mekong Delta, also called the "Delta of the Nine Dragons", is covered in a mantle of white and pink lilies and stemmed flowers which can reach several meters in height, depending on the water level. Women have the task of cleaning the lilies from mud and gathering them in elegant bundles which they then gently lay on traditional Vietnamese small wooden boats to take to nearby markets. The lily, in addition to its ornamental use, is also used in the preparation of many local dishes. The water lily stem is the key ingredient in the famous sour water lily soup.

The water lily harvest takes place in the labyrinth of water and land of the Mekong Delta and is undoubtedly a moment to experience, one of the many wonders of Vietnam. This community revolves around water, in a tangle of islands and canals from which villages, floating markets and fascinating pagodas stand out. This is a destination steeped in tradition, immersed in a luxuriant nature that never ceases to attract the curiosity of travelers from all over the planet.

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