La Scarzuola, an intriguing architectural jewel by Tomaso Buzzi
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La Scarzuola, an intriguing architectural jewel by Tomaso Buzzi

La Scarzuola,Italy

La Scarzuola, an intriguing architectural jewel by Tomaso Buzzi

Hidden among the green Umbrian hills, located in the small town of Montegabbione in the province of Terni, lives an eccentric and surreal construction - La Scarzuola, the "Ideal City" of Tomaso Buzzi. It is a suggestive and mysterious place that the well-known architect from Milan created to represent his elusive dream vision, a work full of esoteric symbols. The building is built around what was once the home of St. Francis, right in the center of a flower bed where one of his many miracles seems to have occurred.

La Scarzuola, a name that derives from the lake plant of the Scarza, was owned by the Count of Masrciano and then purchased in 1956 by Buzzi. The artist designed and built the ideal city as a great theatrical scenography, a fantasy itinerary formed by evocative constructions of experiences and images of the past in which there are Villa Adrian and Villa d'Este, Bomarzo and the seven buildings in the Acropolis including the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Parthenon, the Temple of Vesta, the Tower of the Winds, the Mantua Clock Tower and the Pyramid. A truly magical location steeped in history and culture, combined and mixed in harmony with astrology, esotericism and spirituality.

Tomaso Buzzi disappeared in 1981, leaving his work unfinished, which was then completed by his nephew Marco Solari, now the owner, curator and caretaker of the park. La Scarzuola is a private property and can only be visited with a reservation. The tour through the various buildings lasts about two hours and is accompanied by detailed explanations from its current resident Solari. It is therefore mandatory to communicate precise day and time, by booking through the official website of the Scarzuola.

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