The Perito Moreno, A Glacier That Majestically Descends into Lake Argentino

The Perito Moreno, A Glacier That Majestically Descends into Lake Argentino

Santa Cruz,Argentina

The Perito Moreno, A Glacier That Majestically Descends into Lake Argentino

The Perito Moreno is an endless glacier that is in constant movement. It advances by nearly two meters a day, an area which is lost with the detachment of large blocks, remaining almost in the same position from about 20 years ago.

The Perito Moreno is the longest glacier in continental movement of the world, the third of freshwater reserves on the planet and one of the most important tourist attractions in the Argentine Patagonia.

It is located in the Santa Cruz province within the Los Glaciares National Park, and in 1981 was declared a Natural World Heritage Site.


Its surface area is approximately 100 square miles and extends for over 50 miles. Its maximum depth reaches 700 meters. One of the other things that is unique about the Perito Moreno is its continuous movement, as it advances about a couple of meters each day, caused by the presence of water under the surface which prevents it from sticking to the rock. Every 4 or 5 years the natural bridge glacier crumbles, taking down the dam as well.


The stunning collapse is one of the most anticipated moments for tourists and locals alike. It is a unique experience, not only for what magically appears to the visitor, but also thanks to the element of unpredictability that nature plays and the mysterious factors which cause the glaciers to fall into the sea. There is usually a pause of silence which alternates with horrendous roars which then lead to harmonious sounds of small storms.

On sunny days, it is amazing to observe the play of light created by the reflection of ice sheets, and ice blocks which eventually turn into large floating icebergs.


The Perito Moreno can best be seen from El Calafate, the picturesque town nestled on the shore of Lago Argentino which is only 17 miles away.


There are organized tours which help safely observe this giant natural wonder, one of the few glaciers in the world which is constantly expanding, despite global warming.

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