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Peniche: Portugal’s Surfing Paradise


Ten people, one goal - to ride the ocean waves of Portugal. Adventure Addicted is the first community that combines a passion for sport with exploration of the world. It is a community with an online platform that brings young people closer to outdoor sports and connects travel enthusiasts with new adventure companions, or as they call them, new buddies with which to share unforgettable experiences. One of the keys to exploring wild and uncontaminated destinations is the equipment used, that’s why Adventure Addicted regularly wear the Vibram FiveFingers. This has become indispensable gear to help experience the close contact of nature and feel the elements to their fullest in each new destination that Adventure Addicted visit.

Peniche is the magical Portuguese town full of beautiful beaches and brimming with fish restaurants. Located 55 miles from Lisbon which, this charming old town is known for its sixteenth century fortress and of course for its reputation as a surfer’s paradise. The town’s population reaches about twenty-seven thousand, but is visited by many who want to ride some of the most epic ocean waves known to the great surfers of the globe.

Peniche has the perfect central location in Portugal, surrounded with places of natural beauty. It is perfect for any “adventure addicted” traveler. One of the highlights, is the beautiful panoramic view of the city overlooking the sea visible from the top of Cabo Carvoeiro.

Equally extraordinary is the Peniche Fortress built between the 16th and 17th centuries as a defense system along the coast. It was transformed in the 20th century into a prison for Salazar's political prisoners. It is quite easy to reach the island of Berlenga Grande from Peniche, to enjoy the unspoiled paradise of the archipelago of the Berlengas enhanced with the beautiful fortress of Sao Joao Baptista.

Adventure Addicted surfers were firstly attracted to the gorgeous beaches and the sea: "Who knows if we will find beautiful waves, who knows what Portugal will give us", they asked themselves before visiting the enchanting Peniche. A beach exposed to strong winds that has hosted the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal since 2009, one of the latest venues of the World Surf League which saw the triumph of some of the greatest professionals known to surf, including eleven-time world champion Kelly Slater.

Among the most famous beaches in the area is Praia de Medão, known among surfers as Praia dos Supertubos thanks to its gigantic waves that only the the most experienced of surfers are able to dominate. Each of these destinations is best explored with Vibram FiveFingers gear - “By testing the new Vibram FiveFingers V-Aqua, we discovered that they are perfect both for the rocky coast and for the sand warmed by the iconic Portuguese sun, and when on the board out at sea, sensitivity is at its max. Incredibly cool!", says Adventure Addicted Pietro Lamaro. This community does not trade in comfort for passion, though comfort zones are generally challenged to get the most of these extraordinary experiences.

As Adventure Addicted teaches us, "the magical aspect of a vacation together is sharing." And if the adventure is among epic waves, the historic center and the local delights of Peniche, the thrill of an unforgettable journey is guaranteed!

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