Lake Hillier, The Mystery of the Pink Lake

Lake Hillier, The Mystery of the Pink Lake

Lake Hillier,Australia

Lake Hillier, The Mystery of the Pink Lake

Lake Hillier is a small and surreal lake located in Australia on an island called Middle Island - the largest island in the Recherche archipelago, off the coast of Esperance.

It is a salt-water lake about 600 meters wide with no affluents, and surrounded by sand and dense vegetation made up mostly of eucalyptus trees. This stunning pink water is separated from the intense blue of the ocean with just a single, thin strip of earth covered with Melaleuca, a popular plant in Australia.


Even today no one has been able to explain why the waters of the lake have such a pale pink color. Some scientists believe that color is due to the presence of seaweed rich in carotenoids belonging to the species dunaliella. When lake waters reach high salinity, high temperatures and sunlight make these algae release a pigment that can color the lake.


It is also thought that the presence of some microorganisms, bacteria that live and grow in the salt crust that is on the surface of the lake, may also be the cause of its pink color.

Earliest information on Lake Rose in Middle Island dates back to 1802, thanks to the diaries of British explorer Matthew Flinders.


The pink lake is undoubtedly still the mysterious phenomenon that Mother Nature has given to our planet.

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