Piedra del Peñol, and Its Vertiginous Staircase
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Piedra del Peñol, and Its Vertiginous Staircase

Piedra del Peñol,Colombia

Piedra del Peñol, and Its Vertiginous Staircase

Piedra-del-Penol-ColombiaThe Piedra del Peñol, sometimes known as the Stone of El Peñol is a monolithic formation located on the shores of Lake Embalse just near the village of Guatapè in Colombia.

Piedra-del-Penol-ColombiaThis huge monolith rock weighs 66 million tons and dates back thousands of years. It reaches a height of 200 meters and a peak which is accessible only on foot, facing as many as 659 extremely challenging steps.

Piedra-del-Penol-ColombiaThe staircase was built in 2006 using a natural crack in the rock. It is now a meandering and dizzying path that requires a great deal of effort to climb, but once completed it lets out onto an unparalleled view.

Piedra-del-Penol-ColombiaOnce you reach the summit, you can climb higher up through a three-story panoramic tower from which you can admire a breathtaking landscape, and offers a priceless view that overlooks the beautiful enmeshment of lakes and lush islets.

Piedra-del-Penol-ColombiaThe Piedra del Peñol attracts tourists from all around the world, not only thanks to its staircase that looks like a large seam joining the Colombian rock, but it is also thanks to the beautiful and lively Guatapè. This city is full of colorful houses with original decoration. This is a hot spot for Colombians who like to spend the weekend doing water sports and boat trips.


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