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Riquewihr, the "Fairytale Village" of Alsace


Riquewihr, the

Riquewihr is a picturesque medieval village nestled among the vineyards and hills of Alsace, one of France's most important and renowned wine regions. This quaint village of just 1,200 inhabitants boasts colorful half-timbered houses dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, sloping roofs, and cobblestone streets, earning its reputation as the quintessential "Fairytale Village," especially during the Christmas season. It's precisely during the festive period that Riquewihr transforms into a magical place, the perfect destination to fully immerse oneself in a dreamlike setting.

The focal point of Riquewihr during the holiday season is its Christmas market, considered one of the most beautiful in all of France. The Place Fernand Zeyer and its neighboring alleys brim with stalls adorned with sparkling lights and rows of wooden chalets, charming stands offering a wide array of artisanal products and culinary delights. The air is filled with the aroma of spiced mulled wine, known as "vin chaud," mingled with cloves and cinnamon, while houses adorned with wreaths and Christmas decorations turn the village into a veritable winter paradise. An unmissable aspect of Christmas in Riquewihr is the Alsatian cuisine. The village's restaurants serve traditional dishes like choucroute (fermented cabbage with meat), baeckeoffe (a stew of meat and potatoes), and kougelhopf (a cake similar to Italian panettone). Moreover, visitors can indulge in the finest local wines, renowned worldwide.

The enchanting historic center of Riquewihr, renowned for its medieval beauty and captivating artistic and architectural heritage, served as the inspiration for the celebrated Disney animated film "Beauty and the Beast" and Hayao Miyazaki's "Howl's Moving Castle." The Dolder Tower, the village's gateway, and the ancient medieval walls encircling the characteristic houses in diverse hues make it one of Europe's most captivating and charming Alsatian villages—a perfect setting for an intense and unforgettable Christmas experience.

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