Ifrane, the Cold Side of Morocco

Ifrane, the Cold Side of Morocco


Ifrane, the Cold Side of Morocco

Ifrane-Marocco-1Ifrane is a beautiful Moroccan town located 1700 meters high and nestled upon the Middle Atlas Mountains. It is often referred to as the Switzerland of Morocco, surely due to its unique location in the country.

Ifrane-Marocco-2The city of Ifrane is characterized by its very particular climate, but above all for its unusual architecture which has a small alpine village feel to it. The chalets have sloping roofs and are immersed in lush forests surrounded by small lakes, making it look like a typical European ski destination. Ifrane also boasts a winter sports resort with 5 ski slopes and 2 ski lifts, all surrounded by the famous Great Cedar Forest. Temperatures can reach as low as 20 degrees in the winter, making it an ideal place to enjoy snow-capped, cross-country downhill skiing.

Ifrane-Marocco-3There is an explanation for the European atmosphere. Ifrane was built by the French in 1929, designed for colonial families to cool off during the hot summer months, far from the unbearable heat of the coast. Today it remains an elegant holiday resort and a popular tourist destination which is much loved by both Europeans and local tourists alike.

Ifrane-Marocco-4According to the latest data from NBC News 2015, this "Little Switzerland" is also considered one of the cleanest places in the world. In fact, in Ifrane there are no industries that can pollute the air or water supply. This coupled with the low population density and minimal traffic, as well as the natural reserve park which surrounds it, makes it a perfect place to visit!


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