The Great Crack of Burri's Gigantic Land Art Work
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The Great Crack of Burri's Gigantic Land Art Work

Cretto di Burri,Italia

The Great Crack of Burri's Gigantic Land Art Work

Located in Sicily just close to the most extensive contemporary art works of history is a work created between 1985 and 1989 by the great artist and painter Alberto Burri. This huge white slab of concrete extends over an area of ??80 thousand square meters where the ancient city of Gibellina in the province of Trapani once stood, and is now completely destroyed by the violent earthquake of 1968 in the Belice Valley.

The Great Crack of Burri, renamed the ruins of Gibellina, is one of the rare examples of Land Art in Italy and to date it is considered one of the most impressive land art works in the world. It is a celebratory work born on and from the rubble of a tragedy that, through a set of concrete cracks one and a half meters high, traces the map of the ancient streets. It is a monument of great power to remember a wounded territory that today is seen as a suggestive and dazzling white land mass surrounded by fields, woods and meadows.

Just 300 meters from this land art work that rises 12 miles further downstream from the current town lies the Museum of the Great Crack of Gibellina. The museum houses one of the structures which survived the earthquake and was inaugurated in May 2019. Its purpose is to tell visitors about the design and construction of Burri's work from its origins.

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