Pantai Merah, the Pink Beach of Indonesia

Pantai Merah, the Pink Beach of Indonesia

Pantai Merah,Indonesia

Pantai Merah, the Pink Beach of Indonesia

Pantai Merah is one of the seven most beautiful pink beaches on the planet. Located on the Indonesian island of Komodo, nestled within the National Park, its vibrant color is thanks to the microscopic red coral debris which is mixed with the sparkling white sand from the shoreline. This pink beach, lapped by a turquoise and crystalline sea with gorgeous backdrops is populated by an infinite variety of marine fauna. It is also an ideal place for snorkeling and for those who love to indulge in the sun of a dream landscape.

Komodo National Park was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991 and in addition to its lovely beaches, it is famous for being the protective site of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard in the world. Known as the varanus komodoensis, this lizard is one of the most fearsome predators on earth as it can grow to three meters in length and weigh up to 220 pounds. It spends its time dormant in the sun, but it is capable of swimming and climbing trees with lightning speed which helps it capture its prey. Its bite contains a lethal mixture of bacteria and poison which leaves no escape to its prey, but there is no need to worry because every excursion takes place only with the presence of expert guides, ready to intervene at the slightest movement.

Pink Beach is located in a small, rather isolated and uninhabited cove, far from Komodo lizards. There is no infrastructure and can be reached by boat from the main island of Flores. Local companies offer daily tours that include a visit to one of the dragon-inhabited sites with a stop along the pink beach. While snorkeling, with a bit of luck, you may encounter giant manta rays, sunfish and peaceful whale sharks. The best time to visit Komodo is the dry season which runs from April to December, however its waters are suitable for scuba diving throughout the year. Komodo National Park entrance ticket costs around Rs 150,000 ($10 USD) and are valid for 24 hours.

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