Gereja Ayam, the Mysterious Abandoned Chicken-Shaped Church
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Gereja Ayam, the Mysterious Abandoned Chicken-Shaped Church

Gereja Ayam,Indonesia

Gereja Ayam, the Mysterious Abandoned Chicken-Shaped Church

Gereja Ayam, also known as the ‘Chicken Church’, is a huge hen-shaped abandoned structure in the heart of the thick forest of Java - the main island of the Indonesian archipelago. It is a gigantic building, a place of worship designed to welcome pilgrims of all religions - Buddhists, Muslims, Christians etc.


It was created by Daniel Alamsjahche, a man who at the end of the 1980s claimed to have received a divine message telling him to build an animal-shaped prayer house to help those of every creed in need. In 1990, Alamsjah recognized the place of its illumination in the Magelang hills and began building the temple with the idea of ??creating a dove, a symbol of peace and universal harmony. Unfortunately, despite his intentions, the church was immediately renamed the "chicken church".


The ambitious project also included a space reserved as a drug rehabilitation center, as well as a center for children with disabilities and people with mental problems, but in 2000, due to high costs, the work of these centers was interrupted. Since then, Gereja Ayam has remained an unfinished work, and remains a bizarre abandoned building that, despite its decadent and perhaps even slightly disturbing appearance, has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the country.