Kornati islands, pristine pearls off the coast of Dalmatia

Kornati islands, pristine pearls off the coast of Dalmatia

Isole Incoronate,Croazia

Kornati islands, pristine pearls off the coast of Dalmatia

The Kornati Islands form an archipelago of 152 islands off the coast of Croatia. It is a set of islets and large rocks arranged in four parallel rows that make up the largest archipelago in the Adriatic. Located in front of Dalmatia, they offer a landscape of unparalleled beauty, rich in cliffs overlooking the sea and splendid bays immersed in untouched, wild nature.

Most of the islands are uninhabited and almost completely devoid of vegetation, but bathed in an extraordinary cobalt-colored sea that almost seems to illuminate them, and for this reason they are also called "the islands of the moon". Since 1980, 89 of the Kornati have become part of the Kornati National Park, a natural park dedicated to environmental protection, with very strict and precise guidelines. This destination can be visited by boat, but travelers must spend the night on board the boat as there are no hotels, shops or villages in the area.

An entry ticket is required to enter the park, and this is where most of the tours are concentrated. Island hopping is possible to explore the picturesque bays and white beaches surrounded by a crystal-clear sea where it is possible to go diving and snorkeling. There is no permanent population, however in some islands it is possible to see some fishermen houses, small seasonal settlements used only in the summer. Navigation is permitted throughout the park, except for the protected areas of Purara, Klint, Volic, Mali Obrucan, Veli Obrucan, Mrtenjak and Kolobucar.

The "crowns", represented by the high and bare rocks that plummet into the sea, give the name to the archipelago and are divided between Kornati alte (high) and Kornati basse (low). Kornat is the main island which, with an area of ??1252 sqm occupying two thirds of the park. Every so often you can see some dry-stone walls among which some sheep and some donkeys wander the land in search of shade from olive trees. These islands are one of the most popular tourist attractions in Croatia thanks to their unique and spectacular scenery and make for an ideal destination for sea lovers and those looking for sun in untouched nature.

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