Kagami Numa, the Magic of Lake
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Kagami Numa, the Magic of Lake "Dragon's Eye”

Kagami Numa,Giappone

Kagami Numa, the Magic of Lake

Surrounded by a dense forest of maple trees, Kagami Numa is one of the many volcanic lakes located along the nature trail of Mount Hachimantai in Japan. At first glance it looks like a simple body of water, a small pond that dries up in summer and freezes over during winter. This is no simple body of water - in Spring it turns into a mysterious and fascinating wonder. When Winter snow begins to melt, the ice forms a small central island surrounded by a ring of water that looks strikingly like a large Dragon's Eye.

This beautiful phenomenon lasts only one week, giving viewers a short window of time from the last days of May to early June. If it is windy in this period, the circle of ice rotates giving the impression of a moving pupil, further confirming the name Dragon Eye. The legend of this place also refers to two dragons in love, two separate lovers who chose this lake as a meeting spot.

Kagami means "mirror", but the lake is generally referred to as Kagami Pond, or "mirror of water", an appropriate name due to the crystalline color of its waters and their property of reflecting the light of the surrounding landscape. The lake is located on a plateau at 1613 meters high, just on the border between Akita, Iwate and Honsh?. It is a popular seasonal attraction, and thanks to social media has also become a must see event for tourists from all over the world.

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