Crodo - The Christmas magic of nativity scenes on water

Crodo - The Christmas magic of nativity scenes on water

Crodo- Nativity scenes on water,Italy

Crodo - The Christmas magic of nativity scenes on water

Crodo, nestled in the province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola in Piedmont, stands as the primary inhabited center of Valle Antigorio, the splendid alpine valley renowned for its extraordinary abundance of springs. It's within this enchanting territory, amidst streams, fountains, and ancient washhouses, that the captivating tradition of Nativity Scenes on Water in Crodo comes to life. It is an important Christmas event, offering the chance to admire approximately sixty nativity scenes creatively crafted by a team of volunteers—a remarkable fusion of water and the Nativity interpreted by the citizens of this beautiful town.

These meticulously crafted nativity scenes are scattered across all the hamlets of the valley, presenting a unique opportunity to discover a place deeply rooted in the most authentic origins of Christmas. An expansive event that draws tens of thousands of visitors from every corner of Italy each year, it stands as one of the most cherished and beloved Christmas destinations for the uniqueness of its natural beauty.

Along the route, amidst roads, paths, and mule tracks, one encounters small nativity scenes interspersed with imposing installations—artistic creations of great value and worthy of immense admiration for the creators' skill in utilizing and working with various materials from the region. As evening falls and the lights of the nativity scenes illuminate, the landscape undergoes a transformative enchantment, exuding a truly evocative atmosphere. All detailed information, including the programme of guided hikes and the map of routes and trails, is available on the event's official website (available in Italian): Presepi sull’Acqua

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