Chand Baori, the temple of a thousand steps
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Chand Baori, the temple of a thousand steps

Chand Baori,India

Chand Baori, the temple of a thousand steps

Chand Baori is the beautiful stepwell of Abhaneri, a small village located about 55 miles from Jaipur, the capital of the Indian state of Rajasthan. Considered one of the most extraordinary examples of architecture of the past, this landmark represents one of the most scenic wells in the country consisting of 3500 steps divided by stairways that connect 13 floors in perfect symmetry for over 30 meters below ground level.

Chand Baori stands opposite the Harshat Mata temple and was built around the 7th century by the Chand king of Abhaneri, from whom it is named. It is an authentic jewel of hydraulic engineering, a work of incredible geometry and architectural complexity created to make access to water easy during periods of drought. It is a magical place, also used as a social spot, where religious and theatrical ceremonies were held and became popular as a refuge from the torrid city heat.

Like many other stepwells found throughout India, the Chand Baori is no longer used, but for millennia it has helped the population fight against drought by guaranteeing the water supply in one of the territories with the most scarce water reserves. These structures were built low to the top, covered with large blocks of stone and narrow stairways that made it possible to reach the aquifer at any level. A truly unique and unmissable spot, one of the most beautiful and fascinating wells in the world.

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