Blue Eye, the "Source of the Blue Eye" in Albania

Blue Eye, the "Source of the Blue Eye" in Albania

Blue Eye,Albania

Blue Eye, the "Source of the Blue Eye" in Albania

The Blue Eye, as it is known in Syri i Kaltër, is a wonderful spring located in the small village of Muzinë just on the western slopes of the Mali i Gjerë mountain group south of Albania. It is the richest source of water in the country, commonly known as the "Blue Eye Source", or simply "Blue Eye". Its name is inspired by the extraordinary play of colors that can be seen in the waters which resemble a big eye.

The curious circular shape of the source has a characteristic center which is intense blue in color, making it look somewhat like a pupil, while the external sides have a lighter shade, comparable to that of the iris of an eye. It is surrounded by dense vegetation and white limestone rocks and its waters. There is a constant temperature of 50°F all year round. Divers have explored its depths to about 50 meters, but recent geological studies have uncovered that its depth exceeds well over 100 meters, though the sources which generate it are still unknown.

The Blue Eye, hidden in the middle of a luxuriant forest of oaks and chestnut trees, can be reached only on foot, through a beautiful path that runs along the source. A quick walk will get you to the wooden walkways directly overlooking the water and the walk is well worth it. Just below it is possible to admire the enchanting scenery created by Mother Nature.

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