Pamukkale, The Spectacular Thermal Pools of Denizli

Pamukkale, The Spectacular Thermal Pools of Denizli


Pamukkale, The Spectacular Thermal Pools of Denizli

The Pamukkale is a natural wonder which in Turkish means "cotton castle". It is located in southwest Turkey about 12.5 miles from the city of Denizli.


The thermal pools are proper swimming pools slowly carved out of water over the centuries.  Every second, over 250 liters of hot water pours out of these pools. It is a magical place made up of marble cliffs, about 2,700 meters long and up to 160 feet, giving the impression of being right in front of a frozen waterfall.


This site is all due to precise geological events - tectonic movements that allow spring water to rise to the surface creating numerous springs rich in healing properties. Water flows out slowly along the slope of the mountain by depositing thick layers of limestone and travertine that form the pools while maintaining a temperature of 95°F.


The turquoise color of thermal water in contrast to the dazzling white of multi-tiered tubs is an incredible show that attracts tourists from all around the world.


Pamukkale was a declared UNESCO World Heritage site noted for its incredible beauty and uniqueness. It is surely one of Turkey's most extraordinary sites and perhaps one of the most notable sites all over the world.

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