Huacachina, the enchanting oasis in the desert of Peru

Huacachina, the enchanting oasis in the desert of Peru

Oasi di Huacachina,Perù

Huacachina, the enchanting oasis in the desert of Peru

Huacachina is a small village that rises around a natural lake surrounded by the imposing sand dunes of the Peruvian desert. This is an oasis of extraordinary beauty which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Tourists are not only attracted by the scenic charm of a destination that appears as an incredible mirage, but also to the many sports activities in the area such as dune buggying, sand-boarding and high-speed quod. Abundant vegetation grows around this small emerald green body of water, consisting of palm trees, carob and eucalyptus trees which seem to have healing properties capable of helping those suffering from asthma or rheumatism.

The oasis of Huacachina is inhabited by just 100 residents called "guardians of the lake", all engaged in managing the many activities present along the shores of the lake. Located near the city of Ica, about two hundred miles from the capital Lima, Huacachina is today a very famous tourist destination - so much so that it is featured on the banknotes of Peru. Although over the years the waters of the lagoon have considerably receded, making it necessary to resort to the feeding of a nearby spring. This unexpected oasis continues to thrive in all its splendor.

Known as the Oasis of America and declared cultural heritage of the country, Huacachina is also known for its legends. One of these tells of a princess surprised by an attacker while she was cooling off at a small pool of water. The girl fled taking the form of a mermaid and diving into the oasis waters, while her clothes fell to the ground and were transformed into sand dunes. Locals claim that the "mermaid princess" continues to live in the lake, helping to protect the beauty of this enchanting place.
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