Is Arutas, the

Is Arutas, the "grains of rice" beach

Is Arutas,Sardinia

Is Arutas, the

The beach of Is Arutas is covered by a white mantle of small pebbles with beautiful iridescent shades, is located on the west coast of Sardinia in the municipality of Cabras, a few miles from Oristano. It is a wonder of nature, considered the "Pearl of the Sinis Peninsula" due to its enchanting coastline made up of very fine grains of quartz smoothed by the wind and the sea that shine in the sun to make them look like "grains of rice".

The "grains of rice" beach is washed by a limpid and crystalline sea and extends over a stretch of low Mediterranean scrub enclosed between two rocky spurs. The seabed is immediately deep, full of fish and fantastic colors that make it a beloved destination for snorkelers. Thanks to the mistral winds that blow during the winter, it is also the perfect place to practice wind and kite surfing. Is Arutas, in Sardinian means The Caves, an ancient name that was most likely attributed to the presence of numerous sandstone quarries once present in the area.

The blue of the sea in contrast with the colors of the quartz grains of the beach range in shades of white and pink to warm golden tones creating something truly magical and evocative. This small corner of paradise requires respect and particular attention to the marine and coastal environment of the entire area. Taking away even a single delicate and precious quartz grain means compromising the conservation and immense beauty of this naturalistic jewel.

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