Luoping, The Beauty of the Golden Fields

Luoping, The Beauty of the Golden Fields


Luoping, The Beauty of the Golden Fields

Luoping is a county located in the Yunnan region of China and is famous for its blooming period of canola, a plant from which rapeseed oil is extracted. The area becomes an immense sea of yellow flowers, which each Spring creates one of the greatest floral spectacles in the world.

These golden fields extend across the entire plain of Luoping, a unique spectacle that makes this area of China one of the most colorful in the world.

China is a favorite destination for tourists looking for beautiful landscapes and this place is able to offer a truly unique setting for travelers. During Spring, an immense expanse of canola flowers blossoms through the tiny dark mountains and gives life to a real explosion of light that illuminates the entire region. The view is simply breathtaking.


Farmers collect canola plants for the extraction of rapeseed oil that is used for cooking. The flowering starts in early March and ends at the end of June, a period which welcomes thousands of tourists and landscape photographers to the area, all ready to immortalize the beauty and uniqueness of the landscape. The best view can be obtained from the Lingyin Temple, located at the top of one of the hills.


Luoping is located in one of the honey-producing regions of China, where hundreds of bee farms are concentrated and honey produced in the horns is sold locally by the same beekeeper. In recent years, the golden expanse of Luoping has become an important attraction for tourism. The best way to reach it is to take the bus from Kunming which is about 240 miles away. Buses leave every hour and despite the distance, the sight of these canola fields are well worth the trip.

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