The "Underwater Waterfall" of Mauritius

Cascata sottomarina ,Mauritius


Located at the end of the peninsula of Le Morne Brabant lies a rocky promontory of 556 meters high located on the southwestern tip of one of the most spectacular landscapes of Mauritius. It is known to locals and visitors as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, about 1250 miles from the coast of the African continent. There is a rift which seems to open up, just off a small strip of land with a shallow sandy bottom, where the wind is fierce. This rift lets water pass through towards a dark blue abyss, creating a suggestive underwater waterfall.

This gigantic waterfall that flows into the ocean depths is actually just an amazing optical illusion which can be seen from an aerial or satellite perspective and therefore visible only from above. A quick change of view makes it seemingly disappear. The phenomenon is created due to the variation in depth of the seabed and the different coloring of the sand and mud deposits created by the surf water under the sea surface of the island.

The underwater waterfall is visible on Google Earth at this link,while anyone wishing to admire this marvel with their own eyes can book a helicopter tour at one of the heliports on the island. The scenery is truly fantastic, not only for this hypnotic phenomenon, but also for the priceless beauty of the local landscapes that deserve to be seen at least once in a lifetime.