The island of Budelli, a treasure trove of biodiversity and wonder

The island of Budelli, a treasure trove of biodiversity and wonder

Island of Budelli,Italy

The island of Budelli, a treasure trove of biodiversity and wonder

Just off the fabulous La Maddalena Archipelago, located off the northern coast of Sardinia, lies the Island of Budelli – a natural jewel of incredible beauty. This small island, covering less than one square mile, has become world famous for its Pink Beach which is the result of tiny fragments of coral, shells and microorganisms mixed with the white sand. This mixture creates a spectacular rosy reflection. The island is part of a protected area established to preserve the natural wealth and biodiversity of the region. Due to the fragility of the ecosystem and the high risk of environmental damage, the beach is subjected to strict and total protection. It is forbidden to swim or dock, a measure taken to protect the beach in order to ensure its conservation for future generations.

Although direct access to this marvelous beach is limited, Budelli Island still offers the possibility of being admired from a distance. Tourist boats organize trips around the archipelago, allowing visitors to observe the natural beauty of this extraordinary patch of land, filled with a variety of other attractions, such as secluded coves and dramatic cliffs. The island's flora and fauna are particularly valuable, with several endemic plant species and migratory birds that visit on their annual routes. There are a rare number of visits to snorkel among crystal clear waters populated by a colorful variety of fish, of course always at a distance and under supervision.

The Maddalena Archipelago is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating places in the entire Mediterranean. A fantastic group of islands that extends off the coasts of the famous Costa Smeralda, at the mouth of the Bocche di Bonifacio which separates Sardinia from Corsica. The territory of the archipelago embraces seven main islands: La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Santa Maria and Razzoli, as well as several smaller islands. Each island has its own charm and distinctive character, a heritage of priceless beauty where nature reigns supreme. Budelli Island is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the whole of Gallura, a must see destination for lovers of nature and pristine places.

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