Shah Cheragh, The
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Shah Cheragh, The "Emperor of the Light" Mosque


Shah Cheragh, The



Located in Iran in the heart of the beautiful city of Shiraz, the Shah Cheragh is considered one of the most important mosques of the medieval Islamic world. Inside the mosque, you can find the stunning greatness of millions of small mirrors that reflect light from every direction, creating a starry colored starburst.


Shah Cheragh is a funeral monument known as the Mirrors Mosque, but literally translated from ancient Persian, its name means "Emperor of Light" – all thanks to its dazzling multicolored reflections.


The story goes that in 900 BC a traveler was intrigued by a strong glow, and decided to approach the lights only to discover the remains of a tomb which turned out to be the tomb of brothers Ahmad and Muhammad, the sons of M?s? al-K??im and the brothers of Al? al-Ri??, two prominent figures within the Muslim religion.


In a short time, the site became an important pilgrimage destination for Shiite Muslims, and a funeral monument was built to honor the burial.

In the 14th century, Queen Tash Kh?t?n ordered the construction of the present structure, expanding and enriching the building with a large number of new lights, beautiful mosaics and precious silver finishes.


Over the years, the Mosque suffered a lot of damage due to weather and wear, but it still stands bright today, immersed in lights that leave modern day pilgrims and visitors of all faiths from around the world breathless.


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