Gardens by the Bay, the magnificent gardens of Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, the magnificent gardens of Singapore

Gardens by the Bay,Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, the magnificent gardens of Singapore

The Gardens by the Bay, located within the Marina Bay Sands residential complex in Singapore, is an extraordinary complex of botanical gardens created in 2012 with the mission of showcasing the undeniable link between man and nature. It is an extraordinary work of bio-architecture spanning a significant 101 hectares, of which about 17,000 square meters are used as splendid greenhouses. This vast green space was created to improve the quality of life among residents and undoubtedly represents a perfect balance between innovation and technology.

The Gardens by the Bay architecture is based on environmentally sustainable principles and welcomes over one million plants from all over the world. It is an immense space characterized by the scenic panorama of the Supertrees Grove, one of the park's most famous attractions. It is a forest installation of 18 supertrees, made of concrete and steel reaching a height of 25 to 50 meters each. This vertical garden hosts 180 thousand types of plants and over 200 species of flowers. These structures are designed to enclose a water collection system and are equipped with geothermal systems and solar panels capable of powering the entire park. There is also a walkway connected to the tallest trees at a height of 22 meters, supported by the OCBC Skyway. This structure allows visitors to admire the spectacular view of the gardens, most notable during evening hours when the trees come to light with over thousands of colors. The Garden Rhapsody play of lights is accompanied by evocative music.

The other two points of interest worth visiting in the park are the greenhouses, the Flower Dome, and the Cloud Forest. The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world standing without columns, which consists of seven different gardens and a typical Mediterranean climate. The Cloud Forest replicates a humid climate of mountainous and tropical regions. Gardens by the Bay is divided into three sections. The Bay East Garden, with its 32 hectares of land, allows you to walk for a good 1 mile along the banks of the artificial lake Marina Reservoir. The Bay South Garden is the largest of three, with an area of ??54 hectares, and is inspired by the orchid, a symbol of the tropics and Singapore. The Bay Central Garden, on the other hand, spans 15 hectares and has a path of about 3 km that connects the other two sectors.

The main entrance to the gardens is located on Marina Gardens Drive and can be reached by the two main subway lines of The Circle Line or the Downtown Line. The park can be visited every day from 5 AM to 2 AM and its access is free, with the exception of some attractions, including the greenhouses. For further details visit: Gardens by the Bay.

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