Clovelly Village, the famous “Amalfi of England”

Clovelly Village, the famous “Amalfi of England”

Clovelly Village,Regno Unito

Clovelly Village, the famous “Amalfi of England”

Clovelly is a quaint fishing village located in Devon, the southwestern county of England, bordering Cornwall. It is a timeless village perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, where ancient cottages and steep cobbled alleys frame a landscape that seems straight out of a fairytale. Interestingly, Clovelly Village is privately owned and its visitors are required to pay an entrance fee.

This charming village, renamed "the Amalfi of the United Kingdom" due to its incredible charm once belonged to the Queen consort of England Matilda of Flanders and was bought in 1738 by the Hamlyn family whose members still live in one of the cottages. The management is entrusted to John Rous, the descendant responsible for the maintenance and historical preservation of the village. Clovelly has just over 400 inhabitants, all committed to protecting the traditional structural origins of the time, and although paying to visit it may seem odd, contributions are used for upkeep. Clovelly is not the usual English village on the sea - there are no cars in this village and transport of primary goods is entrusted to donkeys and sleds pulled by ropes. There is no traffic, and very little noise except those of the waves breaking on the cliff.

The magnificent woodland that embraces the village, its characteristic houses, the enchanting gardens and the romantic view of the Bristol Channel have inspired artists and writers such as JMW Turner and Charles Dickens. The main road descends steeply towards the marina, where small boats moored along a 14th century stone quay create a picture postcard setting. In addition to its fascinating views and its annual festivals dedicated to the sea that take place during the summer, in Clovelly you can admire small places of interest such as Fisherman's Cottage, a house museum that shows how fishermen lived in the 1930s. There are extraordinary craft shops where you have the opportunity to get in touch with the community, which while maintaining the rhythm of the past, have adapted to modern times.

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