Chamarel, the Land of Seven Colors
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Chamarel, the Land of Seven Colors

Chamarel,Mauritius island

Chamarel, the Land of Seven Colors

Chamarel is a small village located on the western side of the island of Mauritius just in the Black River district. Within the vicinity is a small area of ??just about 7,500 square meters which is composed of incredible layers of colored earth with seven different colors that give life to one of the most evocative natural landscapes on the planet.

This palette of colors is surrounded by dense vegetation and is commonly known as "the land of the seven colors". The area is formed by a stratification of sand dunes and rock boasting shades of red, brown, purple, green, blue, purple and yellow. It is a fascinating geological phenomenon of volcanic origin generated by the sudden cooling of the lava at different temperatures, at different times.

The area is made even more magical thanks to the surprising effect that is created from tropical rains and winds which fall periodically on the island. The weather is able to beautifully mesh the colors of the sand, and the soil seems to take on new nuances, but after a few days all the original colors inexplicably reappear once again separated.

The Seven Colored Lands of Chamarel have been one of the main tourist attractions of the island of Mauritius since 1060. It is currently not possible to walk on the dunes today in order to protect the uniqueness of their beauty so a wooden fence was built and a path from which to admire the breathtaking landscape in its entirety.